Monday, June 8, 2009

Guest Blogger: Nuevo iPhone

Apple lanzo el nuevo iPhone y YaVeremos estuvo ahi con Pablo como enviado especial.

[San Francisco] Bluegrass and old Genesis on the road to Louisville. Arriving to the Hotel and realizing the reservation had not gone through. Argentine dinner and great company. Not being able to sleep. Heading to the airport insanely early. Waiting at the airport because of being insanely early. Waiting at the airport because the flight got delayed. Finally taking off. Sitting next to a really hot girl.

The bumpiest flight I've ever experienced. Realizing there was not only a hot girl, but also a long-haired really big guy, and a bald guy in his mid-fifties. Realizing the flight was going to crash in a weird island. Needing to go to the bathroom. Flight attendant not understanding I really needed to go to the bathroom. Getting extremely dizzy in the bathroom. Looking extremely sick after leaving the bathroom. Finally landing. Minnesota's weather seems to suck all the time. Getting into an airport bathroom. Puking in record time. Running to the other end of the airport to catch the plane. Waiting because of another delay. Finally flying towards San Francisco. Learning that a 5 year old can speak non-stop for 4 hours and a half, without any notion whatsoever of the meaning of volume. Learning that mothers have some sort of super power that blocks the sound of a 5 year old's speech. Landing in San Francisco. Super Japan guy and his not-so-great aggressive driving skills. Old dude who thinks he can speak spanish and sing tango. The hotel, finally. Walking to the Moscone center. Realizing I better stay on Market Street. Arriving to the Moscone Center.


Getting the badge. Chatting with Apple Staff Members. Loosing an i-bet-my-last-name-is-more-complicated-than-yours contest with one of the Apple Staff dudes. Hanging the badge around my neck. Feeling myself getting imbued with geekyness. Walking to the Apple Store.


3G and Edge networks working erratically in San Francisco. Walking to the hotel. Realizing Hardee's is called "Carl's Jr.". Getting food at Carl's Jr. Realizing they were not showing the Tony Awards on TV. Calling it an early night. Calling it an early morning. At the Moscone little after 4:15. Number 87 in line. Meeting fellow developers. Joking about RAM. Joking about iCal server. Joking about Windows. Weird developers doing weird things to keep themselves entertained. 6 in the morning, and Apple's staff starts getting in. The line goes around the block. Different companies giving different things to the first few people in line. Getting the "Not PC" shirt. 3G and Edge networks go down due to overuse. 8:30 and they let us in, just to form another line inside. Pastries, coffee, and all the things I've seen a million times on the Engadget feeds: living a dream. Racing for a seat. Getting a seat. The Keynote.


Lunch. Getting Snow Leopard Developer Preview. First session: Kick-off. A bunch of stuff I'm not supposed to talk about. Sate of the Unions: more stuff I'm not supposed to talk about. Pouring all of my A love over Xcode (I cannot wait for the moment I can finally install Snow Leopard Developer Preview and start playing with it!). Beyond excited, and already learning lots. First day finishes. Heading to the Apple Store again. The new MacBooks arrive this week. People are still buying the old ones. Not uderstanding why people are still buying the old ones. Realizing people are people. Stop at a Walgreens. Get cereal and Oreos. Get to the Hotel. Start reviewing notes from the Sessions. Write a Note on Facebook. Tag friends.

And then, probably going to bed to read the second half of today's notes.

Columnista invitado de YaVeremos.
Co-Blogger de Noche de Peli
Licenciado en Matematica y Computacion.
Fana de Apple, Pink Floyd, River y Gimnasia de Jujuy.
Como si todo esto fuera poco, es el unico Argentino presente en Chicago el dia del discurso de aceptacion de Obama.

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