Friday, March 27, 2009

Epoca del Mes?

Cuantas veces ella se pone densa y vos asumiste que era la epoca del mes? Cuantas veces la cagaste por preguntar si era epoca del mes?
Bueno, desde ahora, no asumas mas... llego PMSBuddy!, una web muy util que guarda los datos y te previene de esos dias.

Que buen invento internet.

PMS - premenstrual syndrome - can be a difficult time of the month for many women and those close to them. Since discussing PMS is not exactly welcomed dinner table conversation, and may lead to dinner plates being hurled across the room, we want to take the unexpectedness out of this recurring occurrence so that those affected by PMS can be prepared and aware.

With, this is done without having to openly discuss the situation (which can certainly lead to more unnecessary conflicts, and possibly more broken plates). Many couples, friends, family members and the like may find they get into an increased number of arguments, fights, and altercations on what seems to be a monthly basis. Well, according to a barrage of doctors, physiologists and other white coats, it turns out that there is a reason behind this. This reason may be PMS, and there is something that you can do to be ready for it - is the world's best free service to minimize negative encounters between those with PMS and those close to them by taking away the surprise and making conversations about PMS unnecessary. We hope you find to be a lifesaver.

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