Thursday, February 26, 2009

Jenny Sokol Contraataca

El Martes publique "Facebook, Solo Para Elegidos" donde hacia referencia a un articulo de Jenny Sokol.
La nota de Jenny era tan mala, que ameritaba chequear que otras cosas publico Jenny. Me encontre con un articulo titulado "Present is a gift but future is my taste" y asumi que iba a ser algo del estilo carpe diem. Pero me equivoque. Y muy feo. (articulo completo mas abajo)

En "Present is a gift..." Jenny nos cuenta que a ella siempre le gusta levantarse temprano para aprovechar mejor el dia y poder hacer las choses del dia a dia evitando a la gente y el trafico. Por ejemplo, disfruta mucho ir al supermercado muy temprano. Jenny tambien nos cuenta que este "talento" es heredado de su madre. En Diciembre la madre de Jenny le mando al marido de Jenny su regalo de cumpleaños con una nota que decia "no abrir hasta el cumpleaños" ... que iba a ser en Abril!
Si bien hombre prevenido vale por dos, en este caso, mujer imbecil vale por cero.

Pero esto no es todo. En la familia de Jenny decidieron llevar estas fantabulosas ideas un paso adelante. En el 2008 festejaron Thanksgiving 3 semanas antes.

Si no fuera por la diferencia generacional, podria asegurar que Einstein estaba pensando en Jenny cuando dijo "Solo hay dos cosas infinitas: el universo y la estupidez humana. Y no estoy tan seguro de la primera".

Igual, la idea de Jenny no es del todo mala. Ya que si sigue adelantando tantas cosas, por ahi se jubila y deja de escribir 15 años antes de lo previsto.

Present is a gift but future is my taste
17 November 2008
The Orange County Register
© 2008 Orange County Register. Provided by ProQuest Information and Learning. All rights reserved.

I'm not really hungry for dinner at 4:30 p.m., but that's irrelevant. As an early bird, I'm there solely for the thrill of entering a nearly empty restaurant and being seated immediately. There are specials for early birds, and specials feel good.

I don't wait in line when I mail my Christmas packages in November. I feel a thrill pushing a full cart out of the grocery store as dawn breaks or pulling into the garage after a trip to the gym, while the rest of the family slumbers.

I descend from a long line of early birds. Mom recently sent Hubby's birthday present, with a note to put it away until his birthday - in April. This is a woman who is not only early, but ready. She's armed with enough canned food to survive a nuclear disaster and enough appetizer supplies to throw an impromptu party for the county.

I haven't fallen far from the tree. I plan ahead with vigor. I can't finish a road trip without devising a plan for the next one. I can't prepare an Easter meal without scribbling notes on the recipes for next year.

I can't seem to stop my preprogrammed behavior, and herein lays the problem: I'm tired. Hubby fears my uncanny ability to doze off might be a form of narcolepsy. I accidentally read myself to sleep with the children's bedtime stories.

Secretly, I want to make weekend plans on Friday night. I want to sleep in on Saturday mornings or buy last-minute plane tickets.

The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese. I want to try my hand at second mouse.

I sat down to make a plan, but realized the irony. Second mice don't make plans. The plan must evolve and unfold when an opportunity reveals itself.

Then Hubby's uncle invited us to an early Thanksgiving dinner. On Nov. 9, a group of 30 of Uncle Dave's friends and neighbors converged for a turkey feast. That evening, Hubby's aunt assembled an artificial tree and asked my children to hang the Christmas ornaments.

I stared at Hubby in awe and he knew exactly what I was thinking: genius! I'd never seen the early bird concept taken to such a brazen extreme. Now, three weeks before regular-people Thanksgiving, our family had already checked off two major holidays. Stuffed to the brim, we needn't see a green bean casserole until next autumn.

On the drive home, I felt alive with excitement. We could plan a getaway over Thanksgiving! We could put our tree up now! I could order the Christmas cards!

I leaned back against the headrest contentedly. I breathed deeply and promptly fell asleep.

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