Sunday, June 1, 2008

According to Sheri: Resaca la Puta Madre

Resaca la Puta Madre, nuevo blog de Sheri

I woke this morning with another classic killer hangover; the type that you know will last at least until mid-afternoon no matter how much water you drink, food you eat, or how many aspirins you take. Have you ever tried to count how many of these terrible hangovers you've had? For me its a terrible feeling like trying to remember ever single person that you've ever kissed...once you start thinking about it, you'll be thinking about it for hours even days...sometimes forgetting at first the most horrible and embarrassing ones and wondering how you are capable of doing such stupid things.
First of all, you always know a terrible hangover is to follow if you wake up.... A) on a floor (grass counts too) B) because you had to pee so badly that your body forces you to get up C) in any bed other than that of a current boyfriend or close friend D)wearing the same clothes from the night before.

Going out here in Argentina is sort of different than going out in the states, only with sort of the same objectives. Here they pre-game (una previa) at someone's house from 11 or 12 until 2 or 3am...sometimes even later. After they already have a nice buzz (estan alegre) some head out to first a bar then later a boliche (club, not bowling alley like the translators say). For me a lot of the boliches are very, very overpriced, and similar to any typical free entrance club in the states... only with better looking, but bitchier, and somewhat less-slutty women.
I'm not saying the women in the states are sluts, to me the attitude is just different. To the yankee girls to get on top of the bar or a table and dance is just "having fun" but I imagine girls here would say its "acting like a puta". For me the men here in buenos aires and men in the states are very, very similar. First of all both are horrible, horrible dancers. Second, both cultures of men are on the same mission: get a hot girl back to their house. By the end of the night if said "hot girl" has already rejected him then he is willing to settle for a girl they would consider to be a 6, or depending on how much he's had to drink, maybe even a 3 or a 4. I've seen some drunk guys in the states leave the bar with some scary looking sluts, but to me it seems that here maybe argentinean guys have higher drunk standards, or its possible that the US guys are just much drunker when leaving the bars... you have to imagine that here the guy might not leave the boliche until 6am... and by that time is not so drunk anymore and therefore can make a wiser descision on which slut he chooses... if he is able to get any at all.
This is another thing I noticed about argentinean women, even the ugly ones think they are hot so they are very snobbish and won't even dance with a guy who is much better looking than herself. In the states the ugly chicks seem to realize that they are ugly and therefore take advantage of a good-looking intoxicated guy when he is at his weak point. The ugly yankee girls will be sure to dance seductively with the drunk guy, and at the end of the night ask where he and his friends are going.... and really thats all that needs to be said. Both parties are happy... drunk guy didn't even have to try... and ugly yankee girl gets to have sex with someone a little out of her league.
Beautiful system, isn't it? Damn, I miss the states.

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