Thursday, April 24, 2008

According to Sheri: Que Perra!

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The Bitcher Chronicles: Que Perra!

It's possible that since I have been here in Argentina, I have just been fortunate to meet for the most part extremely nice people. I suppose that I just had it in my head that Argentineans in general are polite, well-mannered people. I mean they usually are, they kiss you hello, they never burp, and they remember your name even if you've only met them once....maybe this profound generalization of mine was why it completely caught me off guard when I came across the woman that I now refer to as simply "the bitch".

All of the exchange students from UADE had to go to the immigracion office to do our visas the same morning. We were told to arrive at 7, and to think that we would be out of there by 11 would be optimistic thinking. Fortunately my number was called around 10:30. When I arrived at the desk I sat down, smiled, and said" Hola"....and waited for the woman to say at least "Hola, como estas?". Instead she glared at me and said sternly "apellido". I told her my last name. She asked for my passport and then started to ask me questions quickly with frustration in her voice. One question she asked so quickly I couldn't hear what she said. "Perdon?" I said politely. Then she said something like..."you are seegel" I had no idea what she was didn't sound like Spanish or English. Then she got angry and yelled "You are seegel!!!!" finally i realized she was asking in bad English if I was single. "Ah, si, perdon" I said. The woman just rolled her eyes. She appeared as if she genuinely hated me. Next she asked me in Spanish when I arrived in Argentina (this information is right in my passport) and I said. "Um, no me acuerdo la fecha exacta" She just looked at me as if i was the stupidest person she had ever met in her entire life, and then opened the passport to look for herself as if it were the biggest pain in the ass ever. Next she shoved a few pages at me and told me to sign on the x's. After I signed she said "Paga a la caja y volves!" in a drill sergeant-like tone. Then I started to say "Donde esta la ca..?" And before I could finish the sentence she yelled "Por alla!" pointing with her entire arm extended as if she were my mother telling me to go to my room. When I returned she said while rolling her eyes again "espera por alla"

Now I understand that this woman has an absolutely mind-numbingly boring job, and I also understand that united states citizens are hated worldwide, but I really haven't been treated that rudely since I was in the army. And yes, this woman has one of the shittiest jobs ever, but if she hates her job so much why doesn't she quit and become a parol officer or a drill sergeant so then at least can help people and they can benefit from her extreme bitchiness. Que perra!


  1. Nada que ver con nada, como para que no extrañes mi forma de hilar ideas. Te agregué a la lista de links del cadáver de mi blog. Se feliz, compra dólares (?)

  2. Empleada Publica. LAS PEORES!!!!!!!!!


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