Monday, March 31, 2008

Sheri: Artista Exclusiva de YaVeremos

Sheri va a ser la primera columnista exclusiva de este blog.
Ya postee dos de sus blogs, "Argentina Needs" y "Bitching is my Calling". Pero ahora prometio una columna semanal para esta web.

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Deseos 2008

#1 Que Racing juegue la promocion

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Friday, March 28, 2008

Nota Mental #1

Escribir mas seguido en el blog.

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Saturday, March 22, 2008

28 Days Later

Casi un mes sin bloguear. En este tiempo hubo 2 poker, alguna casa loca, el amargo de Bob Dylan y algo de cine. Pero el highlight es que Cami y Sheri estan en Buenos Aires.
Prometo subir fotos... todavia debo las de la Copa Telmex.
Cuando uno no escribe, lo mejor para alargar el thread es poner posts de otro. Asi que aca va el ultimo del blog de Sheri. Se llama "Bitching is my Calling"
Para los que no se acuerdan, hace mucho copie un thread viejo de Sheri que se llamaba "Argentina Needs".

Bitching is my Calling
So it seems like everytime I go to Argentina, I am reminded of what a spoiled brat I am. (usually by Camilo). All I had said was that I wondered how many things had to go wrong until someone admits that doing something that was supposed to be a positive thing, actually turned out to be a mistake. Okay, sorry I've been a teeny tiny bit bitchy because all of my valuables from our apartment were stolen by his "friend" who turned out to be a junky. Sorry that I complained that our kitchen here is smaller than my closet back home. Sorry that we dont have a washer or dryer and i'm not thrilled about the idea of washing and drying jeans by hand in a sink! Sorry that I complained that I can't understand my history professor's spanish because he speaks like the micromachines guy on crack. Sorry that i complained about being sick for 4 days from drinking the water.
I mean, other than that things are all good. Todo bien. All i'm saying is that there is nothing wrong with a little bitching to make yourself feel better when things are going shitty. Hell, i feel better already.

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