Wednesday, January 16, 2008

People I Dislike II

I really really really dislike Russell Crowe. I can't get myself to watch his movies. No talented stupid overrated Aussie who worked too much with (also overrated) Ridley Scott. And by the way, Gladiator is one of the all-time worst movies.
American Gangster is playing now, and haven't got enough courage to go watch it.

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  1. Why do you hate so much? huh? Why do you attack people you don't even know with such a lack of morals? what did Russel Crow ever do to you? He's one of the most brilliant actors I've ever seen from down under. He's won an Oscar, did you know? They don't give them away on the street, you know.
    I happen to love him. I'm in love, with Russel Crow. That's right. I wish I could pour hot honey all over his body and lick it from top to bottom.
    It's hard for me to admit this but... I also love you, Ale. I wish I could have a mix of you and Russell all in one person.... and pour hot honey over you.

    Please call me. 555-4363. XXX

    PS: ¿por qué en inglés?


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